Would you let an unknown, one-man band take the reins of your business? Neither would we. That's why we don't use open source software. Arkom use Microsoft quite simply because it's the right platform for commercial businesses - it's stable, secure and future proof. Here's why Microsoft are the best choice for your business:

1. Improvements:

Microsoft is the world's biggest software company and have more money to invest on developing and improving their products.

2. Compatibility:

All Microsoft products are designed to be compatible with each other even after one part of a system is updated, so all systems work together well.

3. Customer support:

Microsoft are there when you need them, they have a commercial obligation to provide on-going support. In the ever-changing digital landscape, customer support is key.

4. Long-term relationships:

Microsoft don't change the things that aren't broken such as the platform and programming languages. Their focus is on sustainable software and long-lasting customer relationships.

5. Microsoft lead, others follow:

Non-Microsoft software companies will try to make their systems Microsoft compatible first.

6. Stability guaranteed:

Microsoft guarantee to support a release of their server platform for 10 years. That means the solutions we develop on their platform will be stable and supported for a long time.

7. Updates and security:

Licensed Microsoft software is less prone to security breaches than other open source options. Microsoft regularly provide platform updates, bug fixes and security - it's peace of mind guaranteed.