Step one We analyse your business

Arkom work in partnership with our clients rather than simply doing things to their business. Through a series of meetings, we understand your business goals and the systems you use to achieve them. Arkom prioritise any processes that are critical to your success and match them with the right technology to get you there.

Step two We reflect your brand

For websites or portals, it's a must to get the visuals right first. Our web designer will work with you to develop creative concepts - a powerful, impactful reflection of your brand - so that you're happy with how your system looks as well as the way it works.

Step three We develop and test your system

Your dedicated Arkom developer will create your system according to the specification. We use rigorous quality assurance (QA) procedures to manage changes and comprehensive testing before we go live. Changes are always authorised by you. It gives you maximum uptime and no surprises.

Step four We train your team

Your people need training to get the best from your systems. It ensures buy-in and understanding from those who will need to use it correctly to drive your business forward.

Step five We go live

We roll out your system across your business. More checks are carried out once the system has gone live as part of our strict quality and testing regime.

Step six We're here to help

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer care. We offer phone and email support, remote access to your system and ongoing training. Every three to six months we carry out a customer care review. This helps us to make sure your team are using the system correctly and ensure everything stays up to date.